Embrace Stress… But Heal Distress!!!

 It’s high time that we see the unnecessary hype created around the word “Stress”. This is now being used as a huge umbrella to describe anything and everything that brings discomfort to the self. It is almost impossible to find a single country that does not have its people suffering from this ‘Deadly Dangerous Disease- Stress”. And we being such enthusiasts in readily following any growing trend, have easily slipped into believing that all wrong that’s happening to your health, to your mind, to your relationships and to your business is due to this Plague of Stress.

It is time that we take a pause, drop beliefs and take a closer look into seeing ‘Stress’ in its right light. Because possibility is, that which we have been perceiving as major factor for deterioration on all aspects may be the sole catalyst for all transformation that happens in our life.

My understanding is, that which brings challenge is ‘Stress’, and but that which brings crisis is ‘Distress’. Challenge is that force which pushes a person to exceed and deliver his optimum best. Life would be too dull and listless had it been challenge free. It is only through challenge that you earn confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

A little struggle is must. We become richer through the storms-lightning, thunder and sadness as well as through joy and happiness. If you are just happy and happy and happy, happiness will lose all its meaning. It will be as if somebody is writing with white chalk on white wall- he can go on writing but nobody will ever be able to read it. The night is as much needed as the day and the days of sadness are as essential as the days of happiness. This I call Understanding life as it is.

Slowly slowly one is able to see the rhythm of duality,

That walking through a challenge is as important as having a cake walk. And the secret is found.

Now there exists an altogether different element, the main culprit that has remained unidentified or not so recognized. And when that creeps into life it only does harm and that is ‘Distress’

It leads to a feeling of complete discord, severe crisis and unpleasantness.

Have you not observed that, when your life is sailing smooth you are filled with confidence, that come what may, you will be able to face and overcome it. And on the other hand if life is struck with unpleasant situations the same challenge haunts you and makes you feel miserable. But because we have been so conditioned towards blaming a challenge or struggle for feeling depressed or low, the ‘distress’ always escapes our notice.

Distress, is that toxin which eats up the very marrow of our anchor, rusts the very foundation and if it becomes chronic then any form of challenge is enough to make your tower of being crumble.

This requires attention, it needs deep healing. Whatsoever is distorted or remorse at the core of ones being, needs to be uprooted and replaced will pleasantness and well being.

With the new clarity one is then able to navigate through different situations with more ease and play-fullness.

So henceforth one needs to become more alert of what’s going within. Need to become wiser about identifying Stress and separate it from Distress.

Only then is one able to Evolve through Stress and Dissolve Distress!!!







Living Dangerously


On one hand where we have considered ‘Fear’ as a weakness, as a streak that represents lack of potential and inner strength, then how on the other we could let it grip us so deeply and intensely that most of our thoughts and actions remain motivated by some or the other underlying Phobias,  Insecurities or Fear?
The situation today is such that in every aspect of life we are constantly seeking assurance.., we become very uncomfortable if the outcome of a certain prospect remains uncertain or not very definite.
And Because of this we have got into ‘Controlling life’ in every possible way…
and we fail to see that, that’s the very root cause of misery,  which is the constant struggle to control life, control people, control outcomes. We create a very Urgency like situation wherever there is something which is beyond our comprehension, and Mind in every ways try to comprehend and pin down every situation.
A frightened being is a closed being. If your very being remains closed towards life
all the time, then their arises no scope for one to Blossom, to Grow, to Be…!!!

‘LIVING DANGEROUSLY’, means living in deep acceptance of whatever the
case be, one is fine with the unknown.  It does not mean you will overcome your fears, on the contrary you choose to even embrace your fears and with that move into the depths of life.

The whole idea of Living Dangerously is, To find and connect with the ‘Known Within’, and Fine tune ourselves with the ‘Unknown Without’.
Then you are no more intimidated by the Unknown, On the contrary the Unknown Invites You to
Explore it
Enjoy it
Embrace it…!!!

Meet Dr. Shailendra at ‘My Inner Dimension’


Dr. Shailendra Image

Meet Dr. Shailendra at My Inner Dimension

Shailendra Chaubey is a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner and a dedicated spiritual healer. Consulting at Awasthi Clinic, Prabhadevi, Dadar west, Mumbai.

He is Medical Officer for Shiv Holistic Yoga pvt ltd, a pioneer organization in providing yoga session at home and courses on ‘Yoga Teacher Training’ and also a lecturer at Shiv Holistic Education Trust. And conducts series of regular  lecture on ‘Effects of Yogic practices on Human Anatomy & Physiology’.

He’s associated with Abbott Health Care pvt ltd and Sino Surgicals pvt ltd. (Asia’s leading company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health) in management of Cardiac care for patients post operative, through Diet, Panchkarma therapy, Yoga and Relaxation.

His deep belief in Energy science and in depth knowledge of Ayurveda and Ancient healing systems of India motivated him to integrate these disciplines and create a unique system that would have a more total and deeper approach towards working with mankind and their challenges.

He is life coach to many who have experienced new levels of clarity, upliftment, health and personal empowerment through his gifts of teaching and healing.

He currently offers, Ayurveda consultation, Energy healing classes and private sessions in Mumbai. Group classes, Corporate workshops are also offered internationally upon request.